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Forum Rules

Post by The Yellow Flash on Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:07 pm

Forum Rules

1. Personal Information
Do not share your personal information such as your name, adress,...ect. We will not be held responsible if you break this rule. If a certain member keeps asking you for such information, report it immediatly. Note: This is more a warning for your own good rather than a rule.

2. Account Responsability
Do not let anyone else use your account on this forum. If someone breaks rules using your account, You will be the one held responsible. Also, please refrain from making more than one account. You can ask the Hokage for a name change anytime.

3. Advertising
Do not post links to websites if these contain:

- Possibly dangerous downloadable content
- Adult material
- Illegal material

For other links, please ask the Hokage or one of the ANBU members first. Links to websites such as Photobucket or Youtube can be posted at any time without permission, unless they advertise for a website.

4. Posting
Always post with correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Only use english on the forums, and try to remain polite at all times. Usage of innapropriate words is naturally not allowed, as this is a website for all ages. Do not use light font colors such as yellow or white, the reason should be obvious.

Please refrain from double-posting or spamming. Please stay on the subject of discussion on a topic. You can always create a new topic to avoid breaking this rule, as long as there is no topic about it yet. Make your posts count and refrain from posting only one word. Insignificant posts will be deleted without warning or notification.

5. Respect
Treat fellow members and staff members with the respect they deserve. Failing to do so is a bannable offense.

6. Spoilers
Spoilers are commonly known on websites like these. We ask that in the first week of your topic's existance, you add a spoiler warning to the topic title, if these of course, contain spoilers of any kind. You may also use Spoiler tags instead.
[spoiler]message here[/spoiler]

7. Have Fun
The above rules are of course here to be followed, but anyone with common sense can post on these forums without breaking any of them. The main reason for these forums to exist is to have fun and relax.

~The Yellow Flash~
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